We've re-launched our website!

Over the past month and a half Zach and Tommy have been working on redesigning and rebuilding our web applications, and this morning we've launched it. We've put a lot of effort into the redesign, relaunch and the technical aspects of building a web infrastructure that's sustainable and secure.

So, if you're into the nerdy side of web development, here's some insight on how Zach put the web application together. Our software stack is designed on a LAMP stack running Debian 7, Apache2, php 5.4 with the Zend Engine and Mysql. We use a set of custom Puppet modules along with Puppetmaster to manage the configuration on the different systems we run. This means we can basically boot up a new system, join it to our Puppet instance and it will build itself. The web application is built on Drupal 7 and makes heavy use of Features, Ctools, Context, Boost and several custom modules. The design is built on the Bootstrap framework and we utilize SASS, LESS and Coffee for compiling CSS and Javascript assets. All of our code is managed in Git and deployments are managed by Puppet.

Hopefully we'll be blogging about more technical aspects of our web applications in the future.